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Outrunner Motor Shaft Replacement

Outrunner Motor Shaft Reversal

HA Series Motor Shaft Replacement

HA Series Motor Shaft Replacement

Heat the motor with a heat gun or hair drier.  This will make it easier to
take apart. Mount it to a stiff plate. Grip in in a vise between two blocks
of wood as shown.

Using two screwdrivers against the plate, pry the front of the motor off.
Work carefully and be sure to keep things square.

The front will separate.

The rotor is visible inside the motor. The magnet will pull itself into the
case. Grip the shaft tightly to pull it out. If the magnet is broken, carefully
work the pieces out. All magnet remnants must be removed.

Check the bearings as shown.  They should run smooth.  Rough
or noisy bearings should be replaced at this point.

Inspect the front bearing also. If bearings are not
being replaced, they can be cleaned and lubricated.

Check the coils for damage. Minor scrapes of the wires will not effect
the performance.  Gouges can cause motor failure.  The coils can't
be repaired.

Use the new rotor to clean magnetic debris from the motor. Use tape
to remove the debris from the magnet. Slide the rotor into the case.
Grip the shaft tightly as the magnet will pull itself into the case with
substantial force.  If it snaps in, the magnet can fracture or the
bearing can be damaged.

Set the front bell on the plate and make sure everything is aligned
and square. Use a spacer with a hole in it to make sure there is
no pressure applied to the shaft. Epoxy or similar adhesive can be
applied to the mating surfaces to augment the fit, very little is required.

Press the parts together, while making sure things are straight. Wipe
off any excess adhesive.  Check that the rotor turns freely before the
adhesive sets.