Maxx Products International, LLC.


Spare Parts

Parts for ACC347, ACC387
ACC347-1 Shaft with Gear for ACC347/387 $8.00

ACC347-2 Pinion Gear, 10T for ACC347, 2.3mm $3.00

ACC347-3 Pinion Gear, 12T for ACC347, 2.3mm $3.00

ACC347-4 Pinion Gear, 14T for ACC347, 2.3mm $3.00

ACC387-1 Pinion Gear, 12T for ACC387, 1/8" $3.00

ACC387-2 Pinion Gear, 14T for ACC387, 1/8" $3.00

Parts for ACC349
ACC349 Gearbox, offset for 180 motor, 2.9:1 $14.95

ACC349-1 Shaft w/ gear for ACC349 gearbox $7.20

ACC349-2 Pinion gear 10 tooth for ACC349 gearbox $3.00

Parts for ACC365
ACC365-1 Shaft w/ Gear for ACC365 $8.00

ACC365-2 Pinion Gear, 13T for ACC365, 1/8" $4.00

Parts for ACC3937, ACC3966, HG2015, and HG2025
ACC3937-5 Shaft, Threaded, w/E-clip for ACC3937, ACC3966 $2.00

ACC3966-1 Gearset, Pinion and Spur 6.6:1 for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-1A Spur Gear, 6.6:1, 2pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-1B Pinion Gear, 6.6:1, 2pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-2 Gearset, Pinion and Spur 5.3:1 for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-2A Spur Gear, 5.3:1, 2 Pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-2B Pinion Gear, 5.3:1, 2 Pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-3 Gearset, Pinion and Spur 4.4:1 for ACC3966 $5.50

ACC3966-3A Spur Gear, 4.4:1, 2 Pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-3B Pinion Gear, 4.4:1, 2 Pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-4 Bearings 2pcs, 3x6 flanged for ACC3966, ACC3937 $5.50

ACC3966-5 Shaft w/ E-clip for ACC3966, ACC3937 $2.00

ACC3966-6 E-clip, 2mm, 5 pcs $1.50

ACC3966-7 Spacers 5 Pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $1.50

ACC3966-8 Set Screw, 4-40, 5 Pcs for ACC3966, ACC3937 $1.00

Parts for ACC4966
ACC4966 Gearbox , Heavy Duty , Offset. For 20mm Brushless motors. Stick mount, 4mm Output shaft $25.95

ACC4966-1 6.6:1 Gear Set, Pinion and Spur Gear for ACC4966 $5.50

ACC4966-11 Hollow 4mm Shaft w/ E-clip for ACC4966 $2.50

ACC4966-1A 6.6:1 Spur Gear for ACC4966, 2 pcs. $5.50

ACC4966-1B 6.6:1 Pinion Gear for ACC4966, 2 pcs. $5.50

ACC4966-2 5.3:1 Gear Set, Pinion and Spur Gear for ACC4966 $5.50

ACC4966-2A 5.3:1 Spur gear for ACC4966, 2 pcs. $5.50

ACC4966-2B 5.3:1 Pinion gear for ACC4966, 2 pcs. $5.50

ACC4966-3 4.4:1 Gear Set Pinion and Spur Gear for ACC4966 $5.50

ACC4966-3A 4.4:1 Spur gear for ACC4966, 2 pcs. $5.50

ACC4966-3B 4.4:1 Pinion gear for ACC4966, 2 pcs. $5.50

ACC4966-4 Bearing set for ACC4966 (4mm shaft) $5.50

ACC4966-5 4mm Shaft w/ E-clip for ACC4966 $2.00

ACC4966-6 E-clip, for ACC4966, 5 pcs $1.50

ACC4966-7 Spacers for ACC4966, 5 Pcs $1.50

Parts for ACC4033, ACC5033
ACC4033-3 Bearing for ACC40xx,50xx Gearbox 5x11x4mm $5.00

ACC4033-4 Sun Gear, 5mm for ACC4033,5033 $5.00

ACC4033-5 Sun Gear, 5/32" for ACC4033,5033 $5.00

ACC4033-6 Sun Gear, 1/8" for ACC4033, 5033 $5.00

ACC4033-8 Steel Washer for ACC40xx, 50xx $1.00

ACC4033-9 Front Housing for ACC40xx, 50xx $16.00

ACC4033-11 Rear Housing for ACC40xx $16.50

ACC4033-12 Rear Housing for ACC50xx $16.50

Parts for ACC405
ACC405-1 Replacement switch for Miracle Switch MKII


Parts for ACC4034, ACC5034
ACC4034-1 Shaft and Carrier w/collar for ACC4034,5034(4.3:1) $16.00

ACC4034-2 Planet Gear Set (3) for ACC4034-5034 $15.00

ACC4034-5 Sun gear, 5/32" for ACC4034, 5034 $5.00

ACC4034-6 Sun gear, 1/8" for ACC4034, 5034 $5.00

ACC4034-7 Sun gear, 2.3mm for ACC4034, 5034 $5.00

Parts for CNC Aluminum Wheels
AWT125 Replacement tires for AW125


AWT200 Replacement tires for AW200


AWT250 Replacement tires for AW250


AWT300 Replacement tires for AW300


AWT57 Replacement tires for AW57


AWB3040 Plastic bushing set, 3.0/3.5/4.0 mm


AWB2535 Plastic bushing set, 2.5/3.0/3.5 mm


AWT150 Replacement tires for AW150 $3.59

AWT175 Replacement tires fits AW200 $3.99

AWT225 Replacement tires for AW225 $4.99

AWT64 Replacement tires for AW64 $5.79

AWB04 4 mm brass bushing for AW wheels, 4 pcs $6.00

Parts for Ducted Fans
EPF50-1 Fan rotor assembly for EPF50 $8.00

EPF50-2 Fan housing for EPF50 $12.00

EPF56-1 Fan rotor assembly for EPF56BL $9.50

EPF69-1 Fan rotor assembly for EPF69BL $13.50

EPF96F Ducted Fan, 96mm, Fan Unit Only $98.99

EPF69-2 Rotor adapter for EPF69BL, 4mm shaft $8.00

EPF69-3 Rotor adapter for EPF69BL, 1/8" shaft $8.00

EPF96-1 Fan rotor assembly for EPF96BL $18.00

EPF96-2 Fan housing for EPF96BL $30.00

Parts for Himax HA20xx Motors
HA2015-1B Rotor/Shaft Assembly for HA2015 Motors
for use with flush endbell (current production) motors.

HA2015-2 Bearing for HA20xx motor, 3x8x4mm, 2pcs $5.00

ACC170 2.5mm Motor Mounting Screws, 10 pcs..for HA20xx, HB28xx, ACC340/341/348/360 motors $2.99

Parts for Himax HB2815 Motors
HB2815-1 Rotor/Shaft Assembly for HB2815 Motors $23.00

HB2815-2 Bearing for HB2815 Motors (2 pcs) $5.00

Parts for Himax Inrunner Motors
HA2825-1 Rotor/Shaft Assembly for HA2825 Motors $23.00

HB3615-1 Rotor/Shaft Assembly for HB3615 Motors $28.00

HB3630-1 Rotor/Shaft Assembly for HB3630 Motors $33.00

Parts for Himax HC22xx Outrunner Motors
HC2208-1 Shaft for HC2208 series motor, 2pcs $3.00

HC2208-2 Stick mount for HC22xx series motor $3.00

HC2208-3 Bearing set for HC22xx series motor $5.00

HC2208-4 Radial mount screws for HC22xx series motors, 10 pcs $1.50

HC2208-20 HC2208 rotor assembly $12.00

HC2212-1 Shaft for HC2212 series motor $3.00

HC2212-20 HC2212 rotor assembly $13.00

Parts for Himax HC28xx Outrunner Motors
HC2808-1 1/8" Shaft for HC2808 series motor  $3.00

HC2808-2 Stick mount for HC28xx series motors    $3.00

HC2808-4 Profile mount for HC28xx series motors

HC2808-5 4mm shaft for HC2808 series motors $3.00

HC2808-6 Bearing set, 1/8" for HC28xx motors $5.00

HC2808-7 Collar, 4mm, for HC28xx motors $1.50

HC2808-8 Bearing set, 4mm for HC28xx motors $5.00

HC2808-9 Radial mount for HC28xx series motors

HC2808-12 Radial mount screws for HC28xx series motor, 10pcs $1.50

HC2808-13 Spring Clip, 4mm for HC28xx series motors, 5pcs $1.50

HC2808-20 HC2808 rotor assembly $15.00

HC2812-5 4mm Shaft for HC2812 series motor $3.00

HC2812-11 Hollow shaft, 4mm for HC2812 series motor $3.00

HC2812-20 HC2812 rotor assembly $17.00

HC2816-5 4mm Shaft for HC2816 series motor $3.00

HC2816-11 Hollow shaft, 4mm for HC2816 series motor $3.00

HC2816-20 HC2816 rotor assembly $19.00

Parts for Himax HC35xx Outrunner Motors
HC3510-1 4mm Shaft for HC3510 motor  $3.50

HC3510-2 Radial Mount for HC35xx motors $7.00

HC3510-3 Radial Mount screws for HC35 $3.50

HC3510-4 4mm Bearing set for  HC3510 $9.90

HC3510-20 HC3510 rotor assembly $21.00

HC3514-1 4mm Shaft for HC3514 motor $4.50

HC3516-1 5mm Shaft for HC3516 motor $4.50

HC3516-3 5mm Bearing set for HC3516/22/28 motor $9.90

HC3516-20 HC3516 rotor assembly $23.00

HC3522-1 5mm Shaft for HC3522 & HC4220 motors $4.50

HC3522-20 HC3520 rotor assembly $25.00

HC3528-1 5mm Shaft for HC3528 motor $4.50

HC3528-20 HC3528 rotor assembly $27.00

HC4220-2 Bearing set for HC4220 motor $9.90

Parts for Himax HC50xx Outrunner Motors
HC5018-1 Shaft, 6mm for HC5018 Series Motor $7.00

HC5018-2 Rotor Assembly for HC5018 Series Motor $29.00

HC5018-3 Stator Assembly for HC5018-530 Motor $24.00

HC50-4 Bearing Set for HC50xx motor  $15.00

HC50-5 Front Bell for HC50xx motor $12.00

HC50-6 Shaft Collar, 6mm, for HC50xx motor $1.50

HC5030-1 Shaft, 6mm for HC5030 Series Motor $8.00

HC5030-2 Rotor Assembly for HC5030 Series Motor $34.00

HC5030-3 Stator Assembly for HC5030-390 Motor $40.00

HC50-10 Fastener Set for HC50xx motor $5.00

HC50-11 Spring Washer for HC50xx motor $1.00

HC50-12 Radial Mount for HC50xx motor $9.00

Parts for Himax HC63xx Outrunner Motors
HC6320-1 Shaft Assembly for HC6320 Series Motor $18.00

HC6320-2 Rotor Assembly for HC6320 Series Motor $45.00

HC6320-3 Stator Assembly for HC6320-250 Motor $36.00

HC63-4 Bearing Set for HC63xx motor $27.00

HC63-5 Front Bell for HC63xx motor $20.00

HC63-6 Shaft Collar, 8mm, for HC63xx motor $1.50

HC63-7 Front Prop Adapter for HC63xx motor $15.00

HC6332-1 Shaft Assembly for HC6332 Series Motor $20.00

HC6332-2 Rotor Assembly for HC6332 Series Motor $50.00

HC6332-3 Stator Assembly for HC6332-230 Motor $40.00

HC63-8 Rear Prop Adapter for HC63xx motor $15.00

HC63-9 Motor Mount Set for HC63xx motor $20.00

HC63-10 Fastener Set for HC63xx motor $7.00

HC63-11 Spring Washer for HC63xx motor $3.00

HC63-12 Radial Mount for HC63xx motor $10.00

Parts for Himax HC6330 F3A Outrunner Motors
HC6330-1 Shaft Assembly for HC6330 Series Motor $28.00

HC6330-2L2 Prop Screw for HC6330 Series Motor, long, 2 pcs, 3mm & 4mm center tap $5.00

HC6330-3 Bolt, Shaft retainer for HC6330 Series Motor $4.00

HC6330-4 Prop Washers for HC6330 Series Motor, 2 pcs $4.00

HC6330-5 Front mount conversion kit for HC6330 Series Motors


Parts for Himax CRxxxx Contra-Rotating Motors
CR2805-1 Shaft for CR2805-1430 Contra-Rotating motor $8.00

CR2805-2 Motor Mount for CR28051430 motor $11.99

CR2805-3 Prop Nut, 5/16" for CR28051430, rear motor $4.00

CR2816-1 Shaft for CR2816-1100 Contra-Rotating motor $9.00

CR3516-1 Shaft for CR3516-1030 Contra-Rotating motor $10.00

CR5025-1 Shaft assembly for CR5025-380 Contra Rotating Motor $17.75

CR5025-S Custom Spinner for CR5025-380 Contra Rotating Motor $64.95 Special Order

CR6320-1 Shaft assembly for CR6320-250 Contra Rotating Motor


CR6320-S Custom Spinner for CR6320-250 Contra Rotating Motor $89.99 Special Order

Parts for Promax Cobalt Motors
PMX05-2 Brush for Cobalt 05, 15, 20, 2pcs $6.00

PMX370-1 Endbell assembly, PMX37xx $12.00

PMX370-2 Brush set for PMX37xx motors $4.00

PMX370-3 Bearing set for PMX37xx motors $4.00

PMX370-4 Spring set for PMX37xx motors, 2pcs $3.00

PMX40-1 Brush spring for cobalt 400,480, 2pcs $2.00

PMX40-3 Bearing for cobalt 400,480,2pcs $5.00

Parts for MPI Servos
MXMG70 Metal Gearset for MX70 Servo $15.00