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Aluminum Servo Arms


Aluminum Servo Arm

Heavy duty Anodized Aluminum Servo arms designed for Hitec, Futaba, Airtronics, & JR.  In lengths of 1", 1.25", 1.5" for single arm applications, and 3" and 4" for double arm applications.  All come with 4-40 thread.

Aluminum Servo Arm, single

Product Description Sale

1" Single Servo Arm

     KA1001 for Hitec

     KA1002 for JR/Airtronics

     KA1003 for Futaba


1.25" Single Servo Arm

     KA1251 for Hitec

     KA1252 for JR/Airtronics

     KA1253 for Futaba

1.5" Single Servo Arm

     KA1501 for Hitec

     KA1502 for JR/Airtronics

     KA1503 for Futaba

2" Single Servo Arm

     KA2001 for Hitec

     KA2002 for JR/Airtronics

     KA2003 for Futaba

Aluminum Servo Arm, double
Product Description Sale

3" Double Servo Arm

     KA3001 for Hitec

     KA3002 for JR/Airtronics

     KA3003 for Futaba


4" Double Servo Arm

     KA4001 for Hitec

     KA4002 for JR/Airtronics

     KA4003 for Futaba