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Ni-Cad & Nimh Battery Power Packs

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SANYO Ni-Cad and Nimh Single Cells

Sanyo NiCads Battery

Contact Us for Your Special Request with Specifications and Drawing for Quote
e-mail or fax to

1. Minimum Shipping and Handling Charge for battery is
$7.95 when total order weight is less than 3 lb.
2. Customized packs and special design orders are available but you must provide detailed drawing and specifications via e-mail or fax to
MPI Battery Instructions

Available Battery Configuration

Square, 2x3 Block, 2x4 Block, 23 Hump, 34 Hump, Flat, TYCO, 2 Sticks of 3 '2S3',
2 Stick of 3 - 1 Across "231", Stick.  $1.50 additional for all stick packs.
(Please specify your configuration in the shopping cart.)

Ordering information:
    If you do not specify the configuration and plug, we will send flat pack without plug,
    We make custom battery packs. Please specify your need.
    Fax your sketch, if you can't find a suitable picture in these two pages,
    All prices are for flat & hump packs, add $1.50 for all packs in stick configuration,
    Add $2.50, for installing Tamiya, Kyosho, mini Tamiya, mini Kyosho plugs,
    Add $3.50, for installing BEC plug (little Red plug), and Anderson Power Poles (Sermos),
    Add $4.50, for installing Dean's Ultra plug.

Power Packs

6H-800AAA, Nimh, 7.2v/800mah, AWG22 wire

7H-800AAA, Nimh, 8.4v/800mah, AWG22 wire

8H-800AAA, Nimh, 9.6v/800mah, AWG22 wire

9H-800AAA, Nimh, 10.8v/800mah, AWG22 wire

10H-800AAA,Nimh, 12v/800mah, AWG22 wire

6H-1100A, Nimh, 7.2v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

7H-1100A, Nimh, 8.4v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

8H-1100A, Nimh, 9.6v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

9H-1100A, Nimh, 10.8v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

10H-1100A, Nimh, 12v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

6N-1100AAU, 7.2v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

7N-1100AAU, 8.4v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

8N-1100AAU, 9.6v/1100mah, AWG16 wire

10N-1100AAU, 12v/1100mah, AWG16 wire


Sanyo 7CP-2400SCR, 8.4v/2400mah, AWG14 wire


7H-3300SC, 8.4v/3300mah, AWG14 wire


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