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Speed Controllers

Electronic Speed Controllers

For BRUSHED motors only

This is a DIME!
MX-9104 Micro Electric Speed Controller
MX9104 Micro ESC

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  • Gate Voltage Boost -- This feature provides high efficiency operation through the entire flight especially when battery voltage drops toward the end.
  • Current Limit -- ESC will shut down when current surge to 2x of rated current.
  • sw --switchable, mech --mechanical switch,sfwr --software switch
Model Current amp. No. of cells Wt. oz Size in. Brake Freq. Arming Gate V boost Current limit BEC Soft Start Auto Cut Special MSRP/Applications
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8 5-8 0.2 0.3x0.8x0.2 y hi sfwr y n y y y

$ 19.95

$26.95/Speed 280, 370
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25 6-12 0.6 1.4x0.7x0.3 sw hi sfwr y y y y y


$49.95/Speed 400, 480, Cobalt 400
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40 6-12 0.7 1.4x0.7x0.3 sw hi sfwr y y y y y


$59.95/Speed 500, 600, Cobalt 05

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