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Glow Plug Socket

ACC125A Glow Plug Socket w/alligator clips


ACC125B Glow Plug Socket w/Banana plugs


Designed to fit any standard glow plug, this chrome-plated plug socket locks in place with just a press without pushing or twisting. With alligator clips or banana plugs, please specify.
Hand Pump

Acc224.JPG (2955 bytes)

ACC224 Hand Pump, gas & glow fuel


This high flow rate hand pump handles both gas and glow fuel. Fuel line (for glow fuel only), fuel nozzle, and filter clunk included.
Fueler Valve

Fueler Valve : Gas & Glow

ACC226Fueler Valve


High quality machine finished fueler with attractive blue finish.  Just like the item shown here. It is designed to handle both GAS & GLOW!
Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

ACC225 Fuel Filter


Light weight aluminum fuel filter, 2pcs per package.
Electric Fuel Pump


GAS & GLOW! *see notes*

ACC196 Fuel Pump, Electric


High speed 12V fuel pump without case accessories. To be mounted on field box.  The pump head itself is for gas and glow fuels. However, for use with gas, the motor vents must be sealed.
Socket Wrench

Wrench.JPG (2048 bytes)

ACC114 4-Way Socket Wrench fits 7 ,8, 9, 10 mm


Perfect for glow plugs, prop nuts. Fits both SI & metric. Also stores three glow plugs.
Silicon Exhaust Deflectors

Exhaust_.JPG (2272 bytes)

ACC122 10mm Silicon Exhaust Deflectors, 45°, for 40-60


Convenient high temperature silicon exhaust deflectors divert residue out and away from your favorite planes.
Glow Plug System

ACC132 Remote Glow Plug System


A must for cowled engines, helicopters, & general safety by avoiding the fast turning propeller. Each kit includes a glow plug connector, a ground wire, and a dummy plug for remote power connection.
Note: Does not fit Saito 4 cycle motors.

Glow Plug Connector

ACC133 Glow Plug Connector


Add a scale touch to your plane! This glow plug connector has a rubber boot and fits all 2C & and many 4C glow plugs. Comes with 20" lead.
Note: Does not fit Saito 4 cycle motors.

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