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Glow Starter

ACC102   Nicad Glow Starter  
An all metal glow starter with replaceable battery. It comes completely with charger and nicad battery.


ACC1021   Nicad Glow Starter w/o charger


ACC627 Metered Glow Starter
This deluxe nicad glow starter (ACC627) has a meter on the top cover to indicate the condition of the glow plug. It also comes with nicad battery and charger.


ACC6271  Metered Glow Starter w/o charger


Titanium and Steel Axles

3/16" Steel Axles

3/16" Ti/Al Axle

WA1005  3/16" Steel Axle, Weight 35g/1.3oz, Length 67mm


WA2005 3/16" Titanium/Aluminum Alloy Axle, Weight 20g/0.7oz, Length 67mm


A pair of axles perfect for large scale planes up to 60lbs.  
Heat Gun

Heat Gun

ACC202   Heat Gun


Lightweight heat resistant plastic construction.  feature variable airflow, two temperature ranges, auto cutoff, and multipurpose nozzle.
Fueler Dots

ACC227   Fueler Dots


High quality machined aluminum plug for plugging silicone or rubber fuel tubings.  4 pieces per package
3/16" Fuel Tubing Mount

ACC228   4mm / 5/32" Fuel Tubing Mount


High quality machined aluminum plug and fuel tubing mount for mounting silicone or rubber fuel tubing on fuel cans.  2 sets per package.
1/4" Fuel Tubing Mount NEW

ACC229   1/4" Fuel Tubing Mount


This high quality machined aluminum fuel tubing mount also includes a tubing plug, and a brass T for mounting 1/4” fuel tubing.  1 set per package. 

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