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Multiplex® Fun Cub

Multiplex Fun Cub
FunCub is a playful, multi-faceted plane that you can take anywhere. In the air, its unique combination of full 5-channel control with expansive flaps and oversized lightweight wheels ensures simple, shameless fun. Beginners will love its manageable, slow flying characteristics and experienced pilots will enjoy its ability to perform spectacular aerobatic maneuvers. Optional accessory floats turn this already versatile model into an attractive amphibious. Combo Here For FunCub with float, please pick Combo FunCub Pro for extra power.
Length (in) 39
Span (in) 55
Weight (oz) 40
M214243 FunCub Std Kit


M733063 FunCub/EasyCub Float Set


Multiplex® Twinstar II BL

Multiplex Twinstar II BL
One of Multiplex’s most popular planes over the years has been the Styrofoam TwinStar. Now its been updated to a fresh, cleaner design and molded from the super strong ELAPOR® foam. The new TwinStar 2 BL features all foam construction.
Himax brushless power system upgrade: Combo-Twinstar CR (3S lipo)
Length (in) 43
Span (in) 56
Wing Area (sq in) 667
Weight (oz) 51
Motor 2x Speed 400 size brushless motors
M214279 Twinstar II BL Kit  


Multiplex® FunJET Ultra

Multiplex FunJET Ultra
FunJET Ultra brings lightning speed and uncompromising accuracy to your next flying adventure.  When equipped with the recommended power system, this hotter-than-hot jet will accelerate up to 125 mph while maintaining impeccable flying precision.  It is constructed with our high density Elapor foam and is designed for intermediate and advanced pilots.
Himax brushless power system upgrade: Combo-FunJet Ultra
Length (in) 29.5
Span (in) 31
Weight (oz) 31
Motor HC-3514-2900
M214245 FunJET Ultra Kit