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For more detailed information on Hitec/RCD products please visit their web site
For warranty, service and repair information please directly contact Hitec.

Airborne Radio Systems

Product Description



170243 Flash 7 Next Gen TX with Optima 7 RX.



176259 Flash 8 Next Gen TX w/Optima 9 Rx, 1400 mAH LiFe Tx Battery & Charger $339.95


72MHz Receivers

Product Description



Hitec Supreme IIS 8 Channel 72MHz FM Autoshift DC Receiver
23972 Use with all brands.

This receiver is no longer available.  If you are looking for 72mHz receiver, we have Berg 7 and Berg 4 Receivers made by Castle Creations.  The crystal is different from Hitec's so you also need to order a Berg crystal.

Discontinued Discontinued

AC/DC Chargers

Product Description



44245 Hitec RDX1, 1 Port AC/DC Charger 60W $93.95


44246 Hitec RDX1 PRO, 1 Port AC/DC Charger 100W $109.95


44270 Hitec X2AC Plus Black Edition 2 Port AC/DC 200 W $173.95


44254 Hitec X4 PRO 4 Port, AC/DC Multi Charger 200W $347.95