Maxx Products International, Inc.

Dealer Application & Order


To apply for dealer, please download the Dealer Application Form below, then fill both sides of the form and fax, email, or mail back to us.  In order for us to expedite your application, please do include a copy of your retail tax ID or business license and please do fill out the bank information and trade references.  Thank you.


  • We will not process any dealer application without retail sales tax ID or business license.
  • We will not process any dealer application without proper trade references.
  • We will not process any dealer application without signature.

Adobe PDF format : dealerapp.pdf (439 KB), require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program provided by Adobe System Inc.


For dealers only: to place an order,

  • Click the red button "Order" associated with each product you like to buy, which will lead you to the shopping cart, and specify the quantity in the shopping cart.
  • In checking out, you will be led to a page on which you are asked to select an appropriate order form or payment method from 5 options as shown below:
    Order by Credit Card Online
    (separate billing and shipping addresses)
    Order by Credit Card using FAX
    Order by Check/Money Order through Postal Mail
    Order by Credit Card through Postal Mail
    Order by PO Number Online
  • Choose the option "Order by PO Number Online", and you will see a page on which you are asked to fill in the account number and PO number. If the account number is not available, leave that field blank. If the PO number is not available at the moment of purchasing, fill in a randomly generated number (e.g. 123). Then click "Submit Secure Order" to complete the process. The payment will be handled with established payment terms.
  • Note: Although the retail price is shown in your order and shopping cart, a dealer discount will be applied in the actual invoice.